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"Be Remembered for the things you have done, not just the money you have made."

Chris Travis can be found on the Top 50 Business Owners' list in Europe, and is a top 20 Business Leader in the U.K.
With over 10 years B2B Consultancy experience within Blue Chip Organisations, Chris Travis excelled in making other businesses money. Before he was thirty years of age, Chris was a successful business leader with a promising future ahead of him, yet he found himself unfulfilled. Chris wanted to do more for others and leave behind a legacy of his own. Pivoting to a new lifestyle of working from home, Chris set out on a journey to build a successful online business through sharing his wealth of knowledge with others.

Now, Chris supports over one-hundred and thirty business owners. With Chris' wealth of experience in building online incomes, each valued business owner has the opportunity to learn from Chris whilst building a legacy of their own. Working closely with each person, Chris now enjoys a fulfilling working life, successfully running his business as a work from home specialist.



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Chris Travis left high school and found himself working on a building site. Driven to becoming his own boss, Chris saw an opportunity in learning a trade. However, following 12 months on the building site, Chris realised that his passion was with people and it was time to leave the bricks behind.

A 10 year career within the Financial Services Sector ensued. During this time, Chris’s strong communication skills, passion for excellence and relentless work ethic saw him excel in various roles. From managing a portfolio of Business customers to consulting with one of the largest UK banks, Chris was managing relationships between banks and insurance companies by the age of 27. Although this role included working from home and other benefits, Chris found himself wanting more. 

More than anything else, Chris had realised a need to make a positive difference with his time. Following his successful career in Finance, Chris studied Biology and teaching at a leading university. However, Chris soon decided to pursue other ways of making a difference once classroom politics dictated a strong focus on literature, rather than the children themselves. 

Now, Chris spends his weeks managing a Mentor Programme across Greater Manchester, supporting SME Businesses (up to £50m turnover) in their pursuit of Growth. In his spare time, whilst working from home, he helps everyday people to increase their incomes by working online. For those that want it, Chris coaches each member of his team on creating their own financial freedom whilst working from home themselves. 

Currently in the top 50 Business Owners across Europe, Chris continuously strives for excellence, sharing his knowledge with others who ‘refuse to be average’.





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"Be remembered for the things you have done, not just the money you have made"